Vacuum Switch Assembly VG3, VHT 12, and 4500 Series 385311436

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Resolve issues with your vacuum generator efficiently using the replacement vacuum switch assembly, designed specifically for Original VG3 (Low profile), VHT 12, 4500 Series, and Sailvac 5200 models, ensuring a perfect fit and streamlined function in your system. This durable switch offers a life expectancy of 6-10 years and comes factory preset, requiring no field adjustments for ease of use. The kit includes a 1.5″ Uniseal for installation, with recommendations to use a hair dryer or heat gun and silicone lube to ease the fitting process. FITS FLEETWOOD VACUUM GENERATORS!

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Over time and with frequent use, you may begin to notice problems developing with your vacuum generator switch. If your generator or VHT will not switch off, yet you have proper vacuum within your toilet, the vacuum switch assembly is likely to blame. This vacuum switch is designed to serve as a replacement for Original VG3(Low profile), VHT 12,  4500 Series, and Sailvac 5200.

This is the proper switch for low-profile Vacuum generators found in FLEETWOOD RVs. A vacuum switch’s life expectancy is 6-10 years. All switches are factory preset and not field adjustable. Included with this item is the 1.5″ Uniseal.

The new uniseal can be difficult to install; we recommend heating the new seal with a hair dryer, heat gun, and silicone lube. Repair your Vacuum Flush system with a new vacuum switch assembly.

  • Designed for Specific Models: Compatible with Original VG3 (Low profile), VHT 12, 4500 Series, and Sailvac 5200, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your existing system.
  • Longevity: Offers a life expectancy of 10-12 years, providing reliable, long-term performance.
  • Factory Preset: Comes pre-set from the factory, ensuring optimal performance without the need for field adjustments.
  • Installation Kit Included: Includes a 1.5″ Uniseal. Note that the new seal might require heating with a hair dryer or heat gun and silicone lube for easier installation.

Sealand numbers: 385310626 /  310626
Legacy number: 385311436 / 311436
Dometic SKU: 9108558881

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