VacuFlush Pumps & Vacuum Generators

We have been the VacuFlush Northeast Regional Mater Sanitation Distributor for over 40 years. At AquaStar Distributors, we have an extensive selection of Dometic’s VacuFlush pumps and vacuum generators, parts, and accessories. Our high-quality range of pumps and vacuum generators offer quick and reliable discharge from marine holding tanks. You’ll discover everything from air pumps, discharge, and macerators pumps to vacuum switches, motors, level indicators, valve kits, circuit boards, and more at AquaStar Distributors. Our remarkable components selection makes it easy to fit a complete marine VacuFlush system anywhere. Browse through our VacuFlush pumps and vacuum generators, parts, and accessories variety below to find what you’ve been looking for!

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  • Dometic Sealand Vacuflush Vacuum Generator Pump Low profile 385311595

    Low Profile VG3 Pump Assembly

    Sale! $789.99$851.61

    Sale! $15.60
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  • VG 2 Vacuum Generator

    Rebuild VGII Vacuum Generator

    Sale! $999.00$999.99
  • Complete air pump for VHT

    SeaLand / Dometic VHT 12VDC Airpump Complete

    Sale! $426.67
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  • Updated Air pump For VHT

    VHT Air Pump Assembly W/ Update VALVE

    Sale! $189.99
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  • Vacuum Switch

    Vacuum Switch Assembly VG3, VHT 12, and 4500 Series

    Sale! $125.39
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  • Motor For VHT

    VHT 12 Motor

    Sale! $169.99
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  • Float For tank Monitor

    3/4 Level Indicator For VHT

    Sale! $85.00
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  • Float for tank Monitor

    Full Indicator VHT`

    Sale! $85.00
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  • 12 Volt JW Pump For VG4 Vacuum Generator

    JW-Series Pump

    Sale! $739.99
  • Motor, o-rings, bellows, clamps, Duckbills, hardware for Vacuflush

    Major Rebuild for S & J Vacuum Pumps

    Sale! $319.50
  • Dometic T- Series Discharge pump

    T-Series Discharge and Macerator Pump

    Sale! $329.99$345.99

Showing 1–12 of 55 results