S-Series Vacuum Pump

S-series Marine Pump and Marine Accumulator Tank

Aquastar Distributors has worked to maintain complete customer satisfaction for years. We know quality and efficiency when we see it. So when it comes to our selection of effectual marine pumps, marine accumulator tanks, and other marine systems products, you can trust that you’re receiving high-powered items engineered using the best materials on the market. Our pumps inject liquid biocides to kill the legionella bacteria that causes the harmful Legionnaires’ disease. Marine pumps and marine accumulator tanks provide PH control to ensure your water isn’t harmful. Our technical team is on standby, ready to help you upgrade your marine system for the best purified water available. Browse our products below.

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  • sw24-9108554752-p400 sm

    S-Series Vacuum Pump 12/24 volt

  • Motor, o-rings, bellows, clamps, Duckbills, hardware for Vacuflush Major Rebuild kit for S & J Vacuum Pumps

    Major Rebuild kit for S & J Vacuum Pumps

    Sale! $365.50
  • Motor, o-rings, bellows, clamps, Duckbills, hardware for Vacuflush

    W Series Quiet Motor Kit

    Sale! $341.00
  • 2 o-rings, 4 Duckbill Valves and a bellows for Vacuflush

    Vacuflush Minor Re-build kit for S & J Pumps

    Sale! $192.27$225.60
  • Vacuum Switch For Accumulator tanks Vacuflush

    Dometic Vacuum Tank Switch

    Sale! $238.65
  • 2" Duckbill valves

    1.5″ Duckbill Valve Kit (Pack of 2)

    Sale! $31.00
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  • Bellows for Vacuflush and T- Series Discharge pumps

    Replacement Bellows for S, J and T Pumps

    Sale! $129.63
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  • line art of Dometic Sealand Accumulator tank

    Vacuum Tank Replacement (does not include switch or cap)

    Sale! $221.69
  • O-Ring Kit for Dometic and Sealand Pumps

    Dometic Bellows O-Ring kit

    Sale! $15.95
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  • Half Clamps For bellows

    Bellows Clamp Kit

    Sale! $41.12
  • S-Pump Top and Bolts

    S-Pump Top w/screws

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  • S-W Pump Cover

    S-W Pump Cover

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results