Dometic Vacuum Tank Switch 385318032

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Experience reliable performance with the Dometic Vacuum Tank Switch, the ideal solution for vacuum switch generator issues. Designed for accumulator-style (threaded) tanks, this factory-preset switch assembly ensures seamless operation and includes a large O-ring for secure sealing. Please note, the assembly does not include a cap/switch cover

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Have you started to notice issues arising with your vacuum switch generator? If the generator does not shut off, but you continue to have sufficient vacuum within the toilet, it is likely due to a problem with the Dometic Vacuum Tank Switch. Choose the top replacement with this assembly. This Dometic Vacuum Tank Switch is designed to serve as a replacement for accumulator-style (threaded) tanks. All switches come factory preset. Please note that this assembly does not include a cap/ switch cover. The large O-ring that seals the switch flange to the tank is included.

  • Problem Solver: Ideal replacement for resolving issues with your vacuum switch generator not shutting off despite sufficient vacuum within the toilet.
  • Compatibility & Features: Designed for accumulator-style (threaded) tanks, factory preset switches included, and comes with a large O-ring to seal the switch flange to the tank.
  • Note: Assembly does not include a cap/switch cover.

Sealand numbers:  385318032 / 318032
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