Vacuflush Boat Toilet & Parts/Replacement Parts

As a VacuFlush Northeast Regional Master Sanitation Distributor for over 40 years, we offer a leading selection of marine toilet systems and replacement parts! Vacuum energy is the heart of every VacuFlush toilet system, making exceptionally low consumption and sensitive marine environment protection popular with responsible boat owners. The advanced flushing technology uses very little water to effectively pull contents from the toilet bowl through a vacuum vessel, and a macerating vacuum pump pushes waste into a large holding tank. Vacuum toilets and waste holding tanks are easy to position apart from one another and can be located virtually anywhere.

Over the years the marine toilet market has expanded significantly. With more and more options for you to consider each year, it’s no wonder the decision can be a tough one. Our experts are here to make the process smooth from start to finish. It’s no secret that our high-standard VacuFlush boat toilet & parts/replacements parts are the best options on the market. As a trusted ally within the industry, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. VacuFlush products require less power to run and most technicians will often find that our quality parts are conveniently designed for an easy repair process. Find the right VacuFlush toilet system and replacement parts below for your marine vessel’s needs at AquaStar Distributors!

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  • EcoVac White

    140 Series Vacuflush Head

  • 4800 Series Vacuflush Head

  • 385312113 Slow Close 500-5000 seat

    Slow Close Seat for 500 & 5000 Series Toilets

  • 5000 Multi

    5000 Series Vacuflush Head

  • 385311292 Base Ring Insert - 1

    Base Ring Insert

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  • 385311690 Circuit Board for Electronic Vacuflush Head. 

    Circuit Board for Electronic Vacuflush Head. 

    Sale! $549.99
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  • Black and White Spring cartridge

    Dometic Replacement Spring Cartridge

    Sale! $38.98$39.56
  • 313600022 Black DTF

    Dometic Touch Flush Switch

  • 385311545 12v water valve

    Electronic Water Valve

  • 385311013 Floor Flange adapter

    Floor Flange Adapter

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  • 385341549 Sponge seal

    Floor Flange Sponge-Seal

    Sale! $14.99
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  • 385310686 Plug in base half ball and shaft

    Half Ball With Shaft

    Sale! $47.35
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Showing 1–12 of 52 results