M65 500/700 Self Contained Marine Gravity Head


The M65 500/700 Self Contained Marine Gravity Head from Dometic.

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Introducing the amazing M65 500/700 Self-Contained Marine Gravity Head! This Type III MSD is an all-in-one toilet and holding tank system – perfect for replacing existing permanent portable toilets. An excellent fit for center or dual console vessels that lack room for a conventional system. A 6.5-gallon tank boat owners will not have to worry about frequent trips to shore for pump-outs. The Porcline bowl provides a like-home experience.

This model comes in two variations: either a standard or a low-profile version with seat heights of 17”(700 version) and 19”(5000 version), respectively. Furthermore, each variation comes in white or bone color fixtures – adding an extra layer of customization to fit any boat owner’s needs.

Enjoy the convenience of a compact yet robust marine toilet for many years to come! This head requires a 2 GMP minimum of pressurized. Fresh water is recommended, but seawater is also acceptable.

If you are connecting to sea, lake, or brackish water, an additional strainer of 100 mesh or less is required. Another feature of the M65 is the swivel Diptube; this allows the discharge hose (1.5″) and vent hose (5/8″) to be installed within a 180° range.

So why not optimize your vessel today with the durable and reliable M65 500/700 Self-Contained Marine Gravity Head? Get yours now and experience unparalleled comfort without worrying about excess trips to shore!

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  • Ceramic Bowl
  • White or bone, The 700 is only available in white!
  • 6.5 Gallon Tank
  • Seat Height 17″ (700) OR 19″ (5000)
  • Simple installation

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Seat Height

Standard (19"), Low Profile (17")


White, Bone