VacuFlush Complete Base

Unlike the plumbing trap systems that are in most homes, our VacuFlush complete base marine toilets are equipped with a function that thoroughly pumps waste out. Our Dometic replacements come completely assembled with most maintenance items. When your system is older and requires regular repairs and other hassling maintenance, it may be time to replace your base altogether. That’s why we’re here, to help you maintain your trusted marine system with affordable rates that keep your budget in mind. The VacuFlush complete base systems are just a few of the top-grade marine systems products we offer. Check out our selection below.

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  • Base For Vacuflush Toilet White

    Dometic Standard Height Vacuflush Base

    Sale! $331.13$390.80
  • Replacement base for Vacuflush toilet White

    Low Profile, 06 Vacuflush Base

    Sale! $393.98
  • Eco Vac Base For Vacuflush Toilets

    Eco-Vac Complete Base

    Sale! $249.99$281.09

Showing all 3 results