VG2 Vacuum Generator

Our VG2 vacuum generators and parts are of the highest quality and offer exponential benefits when it comes to your marine systems functionality. Our generators are an all-powerful vacuum source that keep your marine toilet operating efficiently. We also provide first-class rebuild kits that help to simplify the process of your generator’s rebuild. With years of extensive experience, engineering and manufacturing quality marine system products has been our top priority. It’s no surprise that our products dominate the market, in both power and style. Our vacuum generators can be remotely installed and operate quietly for your added benefit. We guarantee our VG2 vacuum generators are built to last. Contact one of our experienced technical advisors with your questions today. Browse our products below.

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  • 385310774 vg2 pump

    Replacement Pump for VG2 Vacuum Generator

  • Motor, o-rings, bellows, clamps, Duckbills, hardware for Vacuflush Major Rebuild kit for S & J Vacuum Pumps

    Major Rebuild kit for S & J Vacuum Pumps

    Sale! $365.50
  • Motor, o-rings, bellows, clamps, Duckbills, hardware for Vacuflush

    W Series Quiet Motor Kit

    Sale! $341.00
  • 2 o-rings, 4 Duckbill Valves and a bellows for Vacuflush

    Vacuflush Minor Re-build kit for S & J Pumps

    Sale! $192.27$225.60
  • 2" Duckbill valves

    1.5″ Duckbill Valve Kit (Pack of 2)

    Sale! $31.00
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  • Bellows for Vacuflush and T- Series Discharge pumps

    Replacement Bellows for S, J and T Pumps

    Sale! $129.63
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  • Vacuum Switch For VG-2 Vacuum Generator

    Vacuum Switch for VG2 Generator

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  • Universal 1.5" 90° inlet kit with uniseal

    1.5″ 90° Kit with uniseal

    Sale! $34.47
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  • Replacement Diptube For VG2 Vacuum Generator

    Dip-tube for VG2 Vacuum Generator

  • O-Ring Kit for Dometic and Sealand Pumps

    Dometic Bellows O-Ring kit

    Sale! $15.95
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  • Half Clamps For bellows

    Bellows Clamp Kit

    Sale! $41.12
  • S-Pump Top and Bolts

    S-Pump Top w/screws

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results