1.5″ Duckbill Valve Kit (Pack of 2) 385310076

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1.5″ Duckbill Valve Kit

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Prevent the loss of  Vacuum issues and ensure a smooth-running sanitation system with the 1.5″ Duckbill Valve Kit. Our duckbill valves are one-way check valves that keep the waste and water running in the right direction and ensure the system holds a vacuum.

Dometic makes these high-quality parts and are not an import knockoff. The Duckbill valves should be replaced every 1 to 4 years or sooner, depending on the frequency of use. The part number for this product is 385310076

Four valves are required for the S-series pump (vacuum), while two valves are required for the T-series pump (discharge). Our duckbill valves also fit the following vacuum generators: VG12/24, VGIII, and Low Profile Vacuum Generators.

For JW pumps, the 2″ valves 385311581 are required.


  • 2- 1.5″ Duckbill valves
  • Used in S and T Pumps
  • also used in 1.5″ inline check valves

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