Dometic Traveler 510 Plus Gravity Toilet

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The Sealand / Dometic Traveler 510 Plus Gravity Toilet is the perfect choice for lasting elegance and reliability. Its durable china resists staining, scratching, and maintains its high-gloss finish for years. The rim flush action uses up to a pint of water per flush, making it an efficient water-saving solution. An exclusive self-cleaning flush ball with a Teflon seal prevents holding tank odors from entering your bathroom. This household-size seat offers enhanced comfort, along with stylish Traveler styling and powerful rim wash for a deep bowl cleanse. Upgrading your RV/marine toilet to this fine china model is easy and cost-efficient! This toilet has a 4 BOLT FLANGE!


  • Durable china resists staining and scratching, lasting finish with high-gloss shine
  • Water-efficient rim flush action up to a pint of water per flush
  • Exclusive self-cleaning flush ball with Teflon seal locks out holding tank odors
  • Easy and cost-efficient upgrades for RV/marine toilets
  • Household size seat offers enhanced comfort along with and powerful rim wash for deep bowl cleansing.
  • 4 Bolt Flange

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Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 23 in