VacuFlush & Traveler Toilet Ball / Shaft & Cartridge Kit

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Ball Shaft Cartridge Kit

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Use the proper replacement parts for your VacuFlush and Traveler toilets. This ball, shaft, and cartridge kit is designed to match a broad range of SeaLand foot-pedal-operated toilets. This is perfect for VacuFlush toilets and SeaLand gravity-discharge toilets equipped with a metal lever inside the foot pedal. The heavy-duty brass shaft is built to withstand years of demanding use. Its recommended to change your ball kit every 4-8 years.

If you have an EcoVac head (all plastic pedal with black spring cartridge)the proper kit is 385310954.

To keep your system running smoothly, we recommend always changing your Teflon and rubber seal when you change your ball, shaft, and cartridge.

We feature the following Teflon seal kits for your needs:

  • Teflon Seal Kit without Overflow Holes: 385311462 for all Vacuflush heads
  • Teflon Seal with Overflow Holes: 385316140 For all pedal flush toilets made before 2001

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