EcoVac Toilet – Ball, Shaft & Cartridge Kit

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EcoVac Toilet Ball Shaft Cartridge Kit

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When you are out on the water, the last thing you want to deal with is a toilet malfunction that leaves you needing to return to shore. Have the right replacement parts on hand with this kit designed for Ecovac 100 Series gravity-discharge toilet and 5000 & 5100 Series VacuFlush Toilets. Please note that 5006 Series toilets require kit #385318162. Be sure to refer to your toilet’s parts list for the item number required for your SeaLand toilet or contact one of our customer service reps for tech support.

To keep your system working efficiently, we recommend you always change the bowl seal kit (385311462) whenever you change the Ball Shaft & Cartridge Kit. Installation instructions are included with this kit.

If the base of your toilet has a clamshell cover around it and the pedal is a metal rod with a plastic cover, use kit #385318162. If the head does not have a clamshell cover and the pedal is all plastic, this is the correct kit for you.

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