MasterFlush Moderno 8500 Series


The Moderno 8500 series MasterFlush toilet features an all-ceramic bowl that is elongated and tall to provide the luxurious comfort and feel of a residential toilet. The MasterFlush Moderno 8500 also has smooth-contour modern styling that simplifies cleaning and improves hygiene. In addition, it has a slow close seat with silent performance.

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The Toilet Control Panel, used in conjunction with the Moderno toilet, has HandWave motion sensor technology and a capacitive touch display that offers a fresh approach to lavatory use. The HandWave technology allows users to flush the toilet without touching the display.

There are intuitive icons on the Control Panel that allow users to add water, flush, or service. These icons provide easy operation without language barriers. Each of the icons has backlighting to enhance low-light visibility.

The Toilet Control Panel is backward compatible. Boaters who want to upgrade to the Moderno toilet can replace an existing Control Panel without remodeling.

The Toilet Control Panel is available in a black frame and is compatible with Vimar Eikon, Vimar Idea, and Gewiss Chorus frames.

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  • Easy installation
  • Clean European design
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More about the MasterFlush 8500 series of Dometic toilets

The ultimate powerhouse of marine toilets is here. Our MasterFlush 8500 series toilets are elegantly designed to create a modern look for your marine system. These high-powered luxury toilets offer a convenient control panel with motion sensors that allow users to flush without touching the display, helping to create a comfortable marine lavatory experience for all. The all-ceramic bowl sits much taller than your average marine toilet and makes an excellent addition to your updated marine system. Having a hard time keeping your systems clean? You’re in luck! The MasterFlush 8500 series toilets are easy to clean and maintain. Shop our selection below.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in

12 Volt, 24 Volt

Flush Switch

Handwave, TouchPad

Seat / Bidet

Slow Close, Bidet