General Ecology RS-2SG Water Purification Replacement Cartridge 789000

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General Ecology RS-2SG

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Are you a boat or RV owner looking for an effective and convenient way to purify your water sources? The General Ecology RS-SG 789000 Replacement Cartridge offers unbeatable performance and reliability when it comes to water purification. This genuine replacement for the General Ecology Seagull IV X-2 delivers a top-of-the-line 2 GPM flow rate and an average capacity of up to 2,000 gallons – perfect for any boat or RV setup.

With this cartridge, you can be sure that the water sources in your vehicles are free from contaminants, ensuring safety and great taste. Take advantage of this unparalleled solution today and enjoy purified water entirely free from turbidity, chemicals, bacteria, chlorine, bad tastes, odors and more.

This is the replacement cartridge for the General Ecology Seagull IV X-2 series.

  • OEM Replacement Cartridge
  • 2 GPM Flow Rate
  • 2,000 Gallon Capacity
  • Replacement for Morrings and Leopard Catamarans

*We recommend using an onboard and portable Dockside™ Pre-filter or Aqua Polish® filter on the incoming water source to elongate the life of your purification cartridge.

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