Dometic Eco Vent Filter – Complete Kit 309311004

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Dometic Eco Vent filter

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Designed for use with marine sanitation systems. The new Eco vent filter uses innovative technology for your sanitation system. With the first major change to the original SeaLand vent filter in more than 25 years, the new Dometic Eco Vent Filter delivers everything boaters want in vent filter performance and service.

The concave shape of the SeaLand/ Dometic ECO filter assures that malodorous gases are completely filtered through activated odor-adsorbing media, resulting in more thorough odor elimination. The Dometic Eco vent filter is the most effective on the market.  Made with 55% less plastic than previous cartridges, Dometics’s new ECO filter components are much more ecologically friendly than other filters on the market.

Achieve an easy switch with this filter kit. This component fits in the same space and brackets as previous SeaLand Saniguard vent filters. Dometic Now only offers one version of the Ecovent Filter replacing all previous part numbers.

The complete kit includes fittings for the following Vent Hose ID Sizes:

  • 5/8 in. (16mm)
  • ¾ in. (19mm)
  • 1 in. (25mm)
  • 1-1/2 in. (38mm)

Vent Filter Instructions

Part Number: 311004

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