General Ecology DockSide Filter, Housing, and Hose
General Ecology DockSide Filter, Housing, and Hose
Dockside Prefilter

Dockside Prefilter


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A clean water supply is possible for your watercraft with the products from General Ecology. This Dockside water pre-filtration system is designed for a marine hookup and includes the unit for use with a  standard garden hose hookup. The system uses Aqua-Polish #10 cartridges to clear contaminants from water. With a Flow rate of 6.5 GPM and a Capacity of 5,000 Gallons, the dockside prefilter will provide a season or more a performance. This unit uses the General Ecology AquaPolish #10 cartridge.


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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in


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