General Ecology Dockside Prefilter 610000

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Enhance your water system with the General Ecology Dockside Prefilter. This robust prefilter efficiently traps sediments (3micron) and particles, protecting your fresh water from clogging and extending its lifespan. Ideal for use in harsh marine and RV environments, it’s easy to install and compatible with various marine and RV water systems.

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A clean water supply is possible for your watercraft or RV with General Ecology Dockside Prefilter. This pre-filtration system is designed for a marine hookup and includes the unit for use with a  standard garden hose hookup. The system uses Aqua-Polish #10 cartridges to clear contaminants from water.

With a Flow rate of 5 GPM and a Capacity of 5,000 Gallons. The Ap-10’s (3) micron particle retention, can remove microscopic and visible dirt, scale, and many other larger particle contaminants.

The Dockside Prefilter is a filtering device and is not intended for removing microbiological contaminants. The dockside prefilter will provide a season or more of performance. This unit uses the General Ecology AquaPolish #10 cartridge. When paired with a Nature Pure or Seagull purifier and you’ll have pure drinking water wherever your travels take you.

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