Aqua-Polish® No. 20 Cartridge


Aqua-Polish® No. 20 Cartridge

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Treat large particulate and sediment in your water supply with Aqua-Polish® No. 20 – Cartridge. Aqua-Polish® No. 20 Cartridge employs high-efficiency absorption technology to deliver maximum flow rates and capacity for your filtration system. Please note that the cartridge is only a replacement filtering device, and is not designed for the removal of microbiological contaminants. The Aqua-Polish® No. 20 Cartridge is the best way to elongate the life of your Seagull IV® purification cartridge!

    • Reduces: particulates, scale sediment, sediment, rust, foul tastes, fibers, bad odors, and chlorine
    • Particle Retention Rating (nominal): 3 Microns
    • Flow Rate of 7.5 GPM
    • Cold Water Use only
    • Rated for 10,000 gallons *may vary according to the incoming water source
    • The cartridge is 20.1″ from the bottom of the cartridge to the top of the nipple
    • Fits inside a #20 Pre-Filter housing.

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