Universal Dip-Tube for Tank Discharge

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Universal Dip-Tube for Tank Discharge

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The Dometic Universal Dip-Tube for Tank Discharge is used as a specialty part to properly discharge a holding tank. The dip tube is used as an alternative to a fitting on the side of the holding tank, eliminating the possibility of any side leakage if the fitting failed. The dip tube is installed on top of the tank and utilizes a special swivel nut and threaded adapter. Additionally, by using a dip tube it would prevent any standing sewage inside the discharge line, which would cause odor to permeate. The Universal Diptube works for holding tanks up to 30″ deep; is easy to install and includes all the parts for a DIY install. A hole saw is required and not provided in the kit. The installation requires a 3″(76 mm) hole.




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