Dometic Eco Vent Filter
Dometic Eco Vent Filter
Dometic Eco Vent Filter Replacement Cartridge (no fittings)

Dometic Eco Vent Filter Replacement Cartridge (no fittings)

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Delivering the first significant change to the original SeaLand vent filter in more than 25 years, the innovative design of this eco filter features a concave shape for improved malodorous gas removal, with filtering through activated odor-adsorbing media. Boatowners will enjoy a more thorough odor elimination and more enjoyable boating as a result.


Though crafted in a different shape compared to past models, this cartridge is a direct replacement for previous SeaLand and Dometic vent filters, as it fits the same installation brackets as older models. Please note that if you are replacing the old-style vent filter with the new style for the first time, you must purchase the complete kit (309311001), which includes the adapters and brackets.


Now made with recyclable plastics, SeaLand ECO filter components uses 55% less plastic than previous SeaLand filters. All eco-friendly vent filters, replacement cartridges, and the complete kit are black and grey in color.


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